6 free Content curation tools to try

Are you connecting your website visitors to compelling content that both grabs their attention and keeps them returning for more?

Make your content planning easier by using tools that can help you discover great content and keep it organized. When it comes to producing great content, you can’t wait for inspiration to strike, you have to be proactive and creative in your cultivation of ideas and resources.

Here are 6 FREE Content Curation Tools to up your content game that you just might love:



Feedly collects articles and content from a variety of online sources and neatly organizes and stores them for you and your team. You can choose the news sources as well as curate different “collections” which can be easily shared with others. The news sources range from online newspapers to tweets and google alerts. It also integrates with other platforms such as Evernote, Slack, and Trello. This is a great tool for the many of us who consume a variety of online sources and crave organization.


Twitter #lists

Don’t become a zombie to the “endless scroll” phenomenon on Twitter. Although it’s fun to sometimes get lost in Twitter, using Twitter #lists is a must for managing the sometimes overwhelming amount of Twitter accounts we follow. You can organize your Twitter #lists by your blog or content categories to make navigating through Twitter even easier.



Publishthis is a robust content creation platform that offers a free base account option which is great for small businesses, startups, and nonprofits that may have smaller teams and lean budgets. Some of its helpful features include a customizable content dashboard and the ability to publish directly into many content management systems, email systems and social media sites.



You may be familiar with Pocket as it’s been a popular tool and app for a while. It is basically an advanced “save for later” tool that is very visually appealing and easy to use. Adding to its popularity is how easy it is to use across web browsers and both Apple and Android devices.



Scoop.it boasts a “smart suggestion engine” that can help you discover content based on keywords you choose. It also has a feature called smart scheduling which can automatically schedule different content you choose for your different platforms such as your CMS system (WordPress for example), your social media channels and your email systems. Scoop.it also collects data on your content’s performance to help you understand your audience and further optimize future content. Publishthis and Scoop.it have a lot of similar features so your team may want to take both for a test run to see which you prefer.


These are 6 free tools that can help your team discover more compelling content sources and be more efficient in doing so. Integrating some of these tools into your content creation process can streamline the process and keep you inspired!



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